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IMS Power

The most user-friendly Incident Management System on the market allows for easy implementation and adoption by all staff – even part-time or seasonal employees.  All incidents are reported into a central repository – in real time – from multiple people in multiple locations – so nothing gets missed and nothing gets lost!  Ever.

  • Instant Communication

    Immediate details and status of an incident via text, email or ISS 24/7 Communicators.

  • Multiple Users in Multiple Locations

    When a user makes or updates an entry, it immediately appears on all screens for those that have permission to see them.

  • Department Segmentation

    Permissions allow people to see what they need to see. Segmenting information keeps people organized.

  • Color Coded Dispatch Queue

    Incidents are color coded by status so that nothing gets overlooked.

Eliminate Pen & Paper

We know what happens with all of those notes – it takes way too much time to get the information off the page and into a computer or worse, it just gets missed. Let’s not ignore how easy it is to retrieve when you need it next year!

ALL the information about an incident connects directly to that incident – even if there are multiple people working on it. ALL pictures, videos, witness statements, signatures, and/or any related document about that incident stays with that incident. Oh, and did we mention that it’s accessible when you need it with just a click of a button… even next year!

  • Digital Paper Trail

    All communication, incident details and related documents strengthen liability defense.

  • Linking Incidents

    When incidents come in separately but are connected, with a click of a button they can be linked to preserve your record.

  • Lock Incidents

    Lock incidents to prevent further edits from that point forward.

  • Custom Fields

    Easily create custom fields for incidents to record information that is unique to your facility.


In this day and age, your Incident Management software should work for you instead of you working for the software.  Ever purchase a software program because it sounded great but then couldn’t implement it?  We have a collection of those and have worked tirelessly to insure our customers have the exact opposite experience.  When you use the ISS 24/7 Incident Management System, your software does the work you want it to. When you want it to.

  • Alerts & Notifications for Incident Types

    Schedule an alert to 1 or more people when a specific incident, trend, or location is reported.

  • Develop Protocols

    Set up protocols to display by incident type so that your operators know exactly what to do

  • Resource Allocation

    View the number and details of incidents assigned to each to determine who may be quickest to respond.

  • Task Manager

    Send automatic notification by text/email/device to individuals and remind them when tasks are due.

  • Associated Person Database

    Store and easily access information including photos of persons involved in other incidents.

Reporting & Analytics

What you don’t know impacts operation efficiency and guest experience.  Getting the information just shouldn’t be an all day job!   Because our Incident Management System is so easy to use, your staff actually uses it. Now you can have valuable information that you can use.  Our one-click reports and comprehensive statistics give you all the data that you need to increase your operational efficiency.  It arms you with a complete historical database to protect against future liability as well – now that’s powerful!

  • 1-Click Reporting

    Report filters allow you to pull any and all information from the system. Customize it the way you need!

Easy to Use

Technology is great if it gets used. Technology challenged staff pose a challenge and barrier for that to happen. We have developed our Incident Management System to be easy to use and easy to implement.  As the most user-friendly system on the market, our system requires minimal training and is easily adopted by all of your staff, including part-time or seasonal employees.

  • Easy Input

    In seconds a new incident can be created.

  • Easy to Learn

    Our training team trains your staff and supports them.

  • Easy to Maintain

    Our software is web-based and so you won’t need your IT department to do the update.

  • Easy to Grow

    All of the ISS 24/7 systems integrate with one another. All of our training /support staff know all of our products. You will never be passed off to someone else that specializes on that other component.

“We contracted ISS 24/7 to provide us our Incident Management System for the Toronto 2015 Pan Am and Parapan Am Games. We found ISS 24/7’s experience contributed to the exceptional level of professionalism and attention to detail as it related to our comprehensive incident management planning. ISS 24/7 was a great partner to work with at the Pan Am Games. Their staff helped teach us the system quickly which made for a rapid and thorough implementation. By using their Incident Management System, we were able to use this most innovative technology to make sure any issues that occurred were tracked, communicated and fully documented as needed. We now have powerful analytics and metrics for an event this size which will enhance our ability to manage similar events in the future. Our experience working with ISS 24/7 has revealed high quality project leaders with a wealth of experience and knowledge. They are a group that is respected and have a proven track record of success. All of these factors contributed to our decision to work with ISS 24/7 as our Incident Management System provider. We are eager to work with them again at any future events or in any facilities.”

Derek Gagné
Derek GagnéProject Director, Contemporary Security Canada

“The University of Nebraska-Lincoln uses IMS for football game day stadium operations; it makes communication between our event supervisors, event managers, stadium operations, custodial team, EMS, police, and facilities crews seamless and uncomplicated. There is only one touch in the system to communicate with every department that needs to be aware of a situation. With 90,000 fans expecting a great fan experience on game day, this is one avenue we have to make sure that the problems that come with having that many people in one location are dealt with in a quick and efficient manner.”

Juanita Carstens
Juanita CarstensCapital Planning, Construction, and Events Staff Secretary, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

“We started using the ISS 24/7 Incident Management Software at the beginning of the 2016 MLB season to track facility maintenance issues and requests at our ballpark on game days. The transition from our previous tracking software has been nothing but smooth. The ease of use and the incredible amount of features and customizable settings made this a no brainer for our venue. This system allows us to track incidents in real time and generate a plethora reports following an event. Our client success specialist (Patty Flaherty) has been a tremendous help in getting us going. She continues to assist us in implementing even more, features to improve our facility operations. We were in need of a new incident tracking program after our previous system became dull and outdated. After researching several different programs, ISS 24/7’s IMS was hands down the favorite amongst our management team. The user friendliness along with the ease of generating many different types of reports is what really won us over.”

Patrick Dolan
Patrick DolanOperations Manager, Citizens Bank Park, Spectra Venue Management

“ISS 24/7 has provided us with everything we were looking for in an incident management system. The system has exceeded our expectations and has allowed us to have a more organized and detailed event command center with much improved communications among our game day partners. We highly recommend ISS 24/7 and look forward to continue working with them.”

Andy Major
Andy MajorVice President, Operations & Guest Experience, Buffalo Bills

“At the Air Canada Centre we use the IMS system to log all event and 24/7 incidents that occur within our facility. From unlocking doors, to medical incidents, to ejections/arrests, to housekeeping issues, so on and so forth it is all logged into IMS. This allows us to instantly assess building needs, trends and address issues in a timely fashion. It also allows us to ensure that issues are in fact being addressed. The system has exceeded our expectations and has allowed us to streamline our operations. I would ABSOLUTELY recommend ISS 24/7 to anyone looking for a program to manage the needs of a large facility.”

Collin Ritch
Collin RitchAssistant Manager, Security Services, Air Canada Centre

“We use the incident management system during our baseball games. All of our dispatched, recording of incidents and text messaging from fans is accomplished with ISS 24/7. This comprehensive system enhances our game day operations and provides a record of how each incident was handled. This system provides up to date analytics which enables us to better manage our personnel and develop a strategy to create an optimal fan experience.”

Kerry Rowland
Kerry RowlandDirector, Safety & Security, Cincinnati Reds