Get Rid of Your Credential Boards and All That Confusion!

Do you have too many different credentials to organize, memorize and control? Do you worry that unauthorized people will gain access to areas that they shouldn’t? With GuestList, fail-safe credentials can be produced and validated. Problem solved. Period.

  • Criteria-Based Access

    Give your guests access to your facility based on several different criteria and get notified if they attempted to obtain access to an unauthorized area: Event Type, Date, Time/Event Markers, Facility and/or Location.

  • Counterfeit-Proof Credentials

    Counterfeit proof your existing credentials by adding an RFID to the back, allowing your staff to scan the RFID and instantly view the details of the guest.

  • Reusable Credentials

    Use the “Reusable Credential” feature to allow temporary access to specific areas using your existing passes, perfect for fi eld visits or backstage access!

  • Mass SMS

    Quickly send a mass SMS to all your guests on site with the click of a button, perfect for mass evacuation situations.

  • Track Entry & Exit Times

    Keep track of your guest’s entry and exit times throughout different areas of your facility while viewing a real-time list of all your guests and their last known check-in area.

  • Track Escorting Details

    Keep track of the guests that require staff to escort them at all times, and also the guests who are allowed to escorting additional persons in their party.

  • Credential Application Web Form

    Create a web form on your website to allow your staff or vendors apply for credential access for specifi c events or dates.

  • Barcodes or RFIDs

    Freedom to choose between the low cost and ease of use of barcodes or the advanced security of RFID technology.


I previewed the software and this is the game-changer we’ve all been waiting for in the industry.

Jorge Costa
Jorge CostaSr. Vice President Ballpark Operations, AT&T Park