• CMMS

Ready to Actually Like Your CMMS?!

Everybody seems to use a CMMS, but nobody likes the one that they use – until NOW! Surveying industry leaders, the common thread about CMMS software is that it’s cumbersome and difficult to use AND they all felt stuck with what they were using. The thought of changing to yet another difficult and cumbersome system was just too painful to even think about… Well, until they saw ours!

  • Work Orders - Easy!

    Create, track, edit and AUTOMATICALLY communicate work orders.

  • Vendors Send In W/O for Approval

    Create a web-form and let your vendors submit work orders for approval.

  • Chain of Command

    Create chain for approvals based on type and amount.

  • Preventative Maintenance

    Track in calendar format with drag and drop ability to change dates.

  • Checklists

    Create checklists to give you ultimate control and consistency of asset maintenance.

  • Asset and Material Inventory Tracking

    Time to reorder material? Have the system alert you so you never run out of what you need ever again!

Reporting & Analytics

You can’t manage what you don’t measure and you can’t control what you can’t measure.  Because our CMMS software is so easy to use, your staff actually uses it. Now you can have valuable information that you can use.  Our one-click reports and comprehensive statistics give you all the data that you need to increase your operational efficiency.

  • One Click Reports, Charts and Graphs

    See the information the way that you need

  • Vendor Insurance and Warranty Expiration

    Set alerts & notifications and have the system let you know.

“After reviewing several other products, we came to the conclusion that ISS 24/7 has far and away the most user-friendly and effective system for our industry. It is also helpful, being that we use the ISS 24/7 Incident Management System, that we now have a complete back-of-house and front-of-house platform that talks to one another. The system makes it so simple to create, monitor, update and communicate work orders. It’s of great comfort to know that nothing is slipping through the cracks. The Preventive Maintenance allows us to make sure our key assets are being serviced on a regular and timely basis, extending their life. We have the ability to run reports on all service performed on equipment to make money saving decisions about whether to continue to service or replace these assets. ISS 24/7 has taken what’s typically a cumbersome product, and found a way to make it simple and fun to use!”

Edward Labonte
Edward LabonteDirector Security, Monumental Sports & Entertainment

As of right now we are using ISS 24/7 for our Public Safety Operations. We are very impressed with the support provided to us. Chris and his team are very responsive and helpful with any issues that may arise. That alone sets them apart from other vendors I have worked with. We are using the IMS, CMMS and CheckPoint, and all have been a huge improvement over our legacy systems in place before. The ability to capture pictures, video, sound and link it to reports or work orders really takes any error out of processes when done correctly. My command center is using the systems for dispatching officers, creating incident reports, logging daily activities, and that’s just the IMS module. We are also tracking every work order that comes through our Operations Center with the CMMS, no matter what department it is assigned too, we are tracking the progress. This has made for a much more efficient operation. With having multiple modules that used to be separate systems now combined into one with CheckPoint it is extremely beneficial. I would recommend ISS 24/7 for Facility Operations.

Michael Palmer
Michael PalmerPublic Safety Manager: Communications & Technology, Massachusetts Convention Center Authority

I have been challenged with having the work order systems cleaned up, the information updated and kept current. The system is generally easy for all levels of ability to use. We are able to track worked hours, equipment and materials used, and costs involved. This allows me to keep costs in check and to focus on repetitive trouble areas. Company executive can access the information for budgeting and to determine our resources are being used correctly.

Loralee Duncan
Loralee DuncanCo-ordinator, Winsport Canada

I use the CMMS module to create work orders and track inventory of stadium equipment. The system allows me to create individual files for each piece of equipment while associating them with locations and work orders. The system allows me to generate reports and summaries of work orders and inventory. It has been very beneficial in tracking maintenance operations.

MacKenzie Fagan
MacKenzie FaganData Entry Operator, Heinz Field