• CheckPoint-Guard-Tour-System

We Did and So Now There Is!

Can we talk? Do you have check sheets hanging on the back of a door or crumpled up on a clipboard? Are your guards sticking wands into a receptacle on a wall? Have you ever thought – there has to be a better way? You were right!

Supercharge your staff’s efficiency and integrate CheckPoint with our CMMS and create a work order at the time of the inspection. Yes, that’s right – in real time. Need to record APPA standards too? You can! Aren’t you glad you thought of it!

  • Get rid of those wands

    Not all wands are magic. Get rid of screwing hardware into your building.

  • Accurate Documentation

    Finally have documentation that is correct and that you can use.

  • Eliminates Handwritten Notes/Checklists

    Create checklists of location and equipment inspections and have all information reported at the time of the inspection.

  • Increase Efficiency

    All information about the inspection is recorded and reported at the same time of the inspection. Including, pictures, video, audio and signatures.

Revolutionary = Most User-Friendly System

Technology is great if it gets used. Technology challenged staff pose a challenge and barrier for that to happen. We have developed our software to be easy to use and easy to implement.

  • 30 Minute Training

    Give us 30 minutes of your staff’s time and we will have them trained to go!

  • Easy to attach Labels

    RFID labels on any location or any piece of equipment.

  • Multi-media

    Sometimes a picture, video, audio, and a signature are worth a thousand words.

  • Instantly Generate Work Orders

    An item fails inspection, generate a work order with a click for maximum efficiency.

“I’m not sure if I can say enough about ISS 24/7. We started looking for a texting system and found so much more. The AT&T Performing Arts Center uses IMS, CMMS and Lost & Found along with the text system. Then CheckPoint came along. CheckPoint has significantly changed the flow of information and record keeping for inspections. It also made the guard tour possible for us. The ability to place tags where ever we need and specify what to look for at each location is huge. The new platform is great as well. It gave us the flexibility to use each module in the arts even though it was built for stadiums. The staff of ISS 24/7 are awesome to work with because they care about the needs of your venue and respond quickly. I tell everyone I can about ISS 24/7.”

David Gilster
David GilsterPublic Safety Manager