Activity Log

Track Important Operational Activities

Activity Log allows for the tracking and communication of activities rather than incidents, such as shift changes, lunch breaks, meetings, briefings, patrols, and access requests. overlook a guest request again.

  • Separate Activities

    Separate activities from the Incident Management System or Task Manager by using the Activity Log.

  • Toggle Between Activities

    Quickly toggle back and forth between activities and incidents from within the dispatch queue.

  • Track Activity Details

    Keep track of the time an activity was created until it was closed, along with who the activity was assigned to, the priority, and how it was reported.

  • Split-Screen View

    View activities and incidents at the same time in a split-screen view.

  • Star Activities

    Star activities that are important or need attention with the click of a button.

  • Log Activities

    Log activities such as shift changes, lunch breaks, meetings, briefings, patrols, access requests, etc.

  • Activity Report

    Run an activity report at any time to ensure your staff are being accountable and getting things done.

  • Arrange Activities

    Activities are arranged by status, in color coordinated order to easily see activities that are in progress over the ones that are already completed.

  • Add Notes & Attachments

    Add notes and attachments for activities that require a little more detail.

  • Activity Types

    Activity types are pre-assigned to their respective department for speed of entry.