About ISS 24/7

Our goal at ISS 24/7 is to set the standard for venue management software, and then make it better. By developing solutions to enhance awareness, communication, documentation and analysis of incidents that occur in public assembly facilities, we help properties reduce their risk and maximize guest experience. By digitally documenting and tracking incidents, requests, tasks, work orders, preventative maintenance, inspections, guard tours, and even lost and found items, the ISS 24/7 software elevates every facet of an organization to the highest level of efficiency and performance.  Our philosophy has always been to treat our clients as part of our development team. We didn’t think of everything, but our clients have! By listening to these experts, we can continue to enhance our existing services while developing new ones to meet the evolving needs of the industry.

ISS 24/7’s suite of web-based software is developed with a user-friendly and highly intuitive interface so that even staff untrained with computers can quickly and easily learn how to use the system. Delivering exceptional client service through our proprietary step-by-step implementation training and unlimited support leads to one thing…Peace of Mind.

Our Clients Love Us. They Really Do.

At BBVA Compass Stadium we use the IMS for 24 hour security and during events in our command posts. We operate 2 event command posts and I can only be in one post at a time. The IMS allows me to monitor the radio/phone/text, etc. incidents that are coming in while being the decision maker on major issues. The IMS gives me the ability to monitor all behind the scenes activity during an event. Post event, I use it to generate reports to have should an issue arise in the future with a guest bringing litigation forward. The day of digging for a file in a box 6 months after an event is over! For day to day, we use IMS to hold subcontractors and departments accountable for incidents that are assigned to them…response time to calls, closing out incidents, if a work order is needed after the response to a call, etc., etc.

Amber Goodspeed
Amber GoodspeedSr. Event Manager, BBVA Compass Stadium

I’m not sure if I can say enough about ISS 24/7. We started looking for a texting system and found so much more. The AT&T Performing Arts Center uses IMS, CMMS and Lost & Found along with the text system. Then CheckPoint came along and has significantly changed the flow of information and record keeping for inspections. It also made the guard tour possible for us. The ability to place tags wherever we need and specify what to look for at each location is huge. The new platform is great as well. It gave us the flexibility to use each module in the arts even though it was built for stadiums. The staff of ISS 24/7 are awesome to work with because they care about the needs of your venue and respond quickly. I tell everyone I can about ISS 24/7.

David Gilster
David GilsterPublic Safety Manager, AT&T Performing Arts Center

ISS 24/7 is always responsive to the needs of our building on a daily and ongoing basis. We use IMS, texting and CMMS programs to track the many activities that happen in our building which creates a history and accountability for our staff. These programs have helped us eliminate many activities that previously fell through the cracks in paper filing. ISS 24/7 is always looking to improve technology and how they could make my job easier. Great partnership.

Patty Flaherty
Patty FlahertyManager, Operations & Special Projects

The ISS 24/7 system performed flawlessly at last year’s Super Bowl game and provided an invaluable tool to allow us to address problems as they occurred and before they escalated into something worse. This easy and discreet way for fans to report conduct issues to stadium personnel is something we are committed to and we’re happy to expand its use to the Pro Bowl this year as well.

Jeffrey Miller
Jeffrey MillerVice President & Chief Security Officer, National Football League

ISS 24/7 has revolutionized how the Giants track and respond to incidents in the ballpark. Innovation is an important organizational objective, as we are in Silicon Valley – the hub of world technology. The ISS 24/7 programming allows us to stay ahead of the curve as we utilize the ever growing technology to refine our operation systems to better serve our customers and enhance the ballpark experience. We appreciate the ISS 24/7 staff tireless efforts to work with its clients to listen to and execute programming modifications to improve and develop concepts relevant to our business.

Jorge Costa
Jorge CostaSr. Vice President Ballpark Operations, AT&T Park

The Tigers are utilizing the CMMS, IMS, and Lost & Found at this time. ISS 24/7 provides a way for us to track everything that goes on in the building, from work requests to major security incidents to a lost cell phone. The ISS 24/7 system has helped to streamline our operation. Everyone in our operation is able to easily view and communicate requests via the system. The ISS 24/7 system will help to get away from the piles and piles of paperwork. I would absolutely recommend ISS 24/7 to any organization to help streamline their operation and keep them organized.

Heather Ennis
Heather EnnisPark Operations Coordinator, Detroit Tigers

International Speedway Corporation partnered with ISS 24/7 last year and adopted their innovative text messaging system technology to help provide thrilling and safe Guest Experiences at our 13 facilities across the country. The ISS 24/7 system allows our guests to communicate immediately and directly with our on-site command centers for any emergency, informational or other assistance. We greatly appreciate ISS 24/7′s proactive responses to our system use questions and enhancement suggestions, allowing an even greater ability to respond to our Guests needs during an event. We look forward to a long term relationship with ISS 24/7.

Dean Kurtz
Dean KurtzChief Guest-services Officer, International Speedway Corporation

We were already impressed with the ISS 24/7 Text Messaging System having used it effectively at the Stadium for the past 2 years. However, we were simply amazed at the capabilities and easy to use interface of ISS 24/7’s Incident Management System and Devices. These components are a game changer in how venues can manage their facility. We’ve seen what all the other providers have to offer and the ISS 24/7 IMS system and devices are so far ahead in their technology, they are in a class by themselves. This is technology and functionality we have all asked for, but didn’t expect to see for many years. We are proud to be among the first stadiums to use what many others will want to have once they are aware of the powerful integrated management system ISS 24/7 has developed.

Aaron HavilandSr. Director of Stadium Operations, Miami Dolphins

Evaluators found the ISS 24/7 text message system presented quick and immediate results. This allowed Incident Command to respond and address issues within 5 to 10 seconds after receiving texts from spectators. Evaluators agreed that the ISS 24/7 text messaging system provided uncomplicated user friendly capabilities. This system is fully featured and provided intuitive user interface mechanisms throughout the software.

NCS4National Center for Spectator Sports Safety and Security (Laboratory Assessment)

ISS 24/7 is a highly innovative company which has taken SMS and turned it into a service that enables stadium ushers and security personnel to address incidents before they turn into problems. Billions of SMS are sent each month so consumers know and trust the format. Clearly, the major sporting venues have seen the value in enabling spectators to alert staff inconspicuously with no danger to the fans themselves.

Brian Johnson
Brian JohnsonSenior Vice President of Sales & Marketing for the America and Asia Pacific, mBlox

The team at ISS 24/7 are so friendly and open to new ideas. They always take their users feedback to improve systems for everyone. They truly are a pleasure to work with. A company that can turn a problem into a ‘click, click BOOM’ solution is irreplaceable. Great work ISS 24/7

Sarah Tarbett
Sarah TarbettGuest Services Manager, Jacksonville Jaguars

LSU has been with ISS 24/7 since 2011 and in that time we have expanded from 1 user to over 20. It is because of our success with the IMS module that we have been able to get our Police, Medical and Facility staff on board. I truly believe that ISS 24/7 has been integral, not only in enhancing our guest experience but also in improving communications with all of the entities that must work together to make our events a success

Julie Cribbs
Julie CribbsAssociate Director of Game / Event Management, LSU Athletics

ISS 24/7 has been a great asset to us. They are a very nimble company that can quickly respond to the needs of the customer. ISS 24/7 is always looking for new and innovative ways to make their products better.

Irv Sikorski
Irv SikorskiTechnical Services, Notre Dame Police Department

We use Text, IMS, and Lost & Found. We continue to look at expanding to other modules. The system is great. The ISS 24/7 team is even better. They are always extremely helpful with questions and concerns that we may have and are always quick to respond.

Kristen Dale
Kristen DaleOperations Manager, The Detroit Lions

Before ISS 24/7, we used paper based records and an excel spreadsheet. This was very limited and was not legally admissible in court. ISS 24/7 IMS has changed that and has made our company more professional in its operations. To have a simple and comprehensive system that all levels of our staff can use undoubtedly saves lives when dealing with crowd dynamics as we can respond to incidents in real time without any delays in communication.

Andrew McQuillan
Andrew McQuillanManaging Director, Select Security

University of Nebraska has been using text massaging for about 3-4 years and we have been using the IMS for the last year. The IMS has been very beneficial to get all of our different agencies and departments to be able to put a complete view of our events, what issues we are having, and what is working well. The ISS 24/7 team has always been helpful, friendly and eager to help solve problems.

Holly Yardley
Holly YardleyUniversity of Nebraska

We currently use ISS 24/7 in the Event Mode and 24/7 Mode and within the next 30 days we will add CheckPoint. The system has allowed us to capture all data in one location with tracking and reporting with ease. It got us away from paper and pen. The system has given us that total situational awareness during an event. We are excited about the new upgrades and would recommend ISS 24/7 to anyone looking to streamline their operations.

Ed Labonte
Ed LabonteDirector of Security, Verizon Center

ISS 24/7 has transformed the way we service 80,000 fans on any given Sunday. Their robust Incident Management System provides one central location to track and report all gameday issues in real time. Through the use of the program, we have been able to shorten response times, more efficiently and effectively service our fans and see trends that previously went unnoticed.

Josh Epstein
Josh EpsteinDirector of Operations, Washington Redskins

Golden Eagle Award

The National Center for Spectator Sports Safety and Security ‘Golden Eagle Award’ recognizes excellence in system integration, architecture, engineering and/or construction (A/E/C) specifically related to the safety and security of spectators, property and infrastructure of spectator event facilities.

The Golden Eagle Award considers the critical design and functionality elements that enable and promote the safety and security of all stakeholders in an efficient and effective manner. ISS 24/7 was the recipient of this prestigious award.NCS4 Golden Eagle Award

Homeland Security – SAFETY Act Designation

To obtain this designation, the ISS 24/7 system underwent a rigorous vetting process, conducted by the Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology Board consisting of technical and other teams comprised of experts in federal, state, and local public safety agencies, national laboratories, and academia to establish our solution’s ‘proven effectiveness’ and that it performs as designed. The Technology endured a thorough application process involving examination of the software solution, and customer interviews for feedback on the Technology’s effectiveness during deployment.

SAFETY Act Designation

AT&T Park | One Client’s Story

Jorge Costa is the Senior Vice President of Ballpark Operations for the San Francisco Giants and it’s his job to keep everyone safe at the park. This job requires structure, planning, anticipation, and the constant gathering of information on city, state and national security conditions.

View the video below to see how ISS 24/7 helps to make that happen.