Text Communication

  • Text-Communication-System

Centralized Text Panel

When our Text Communication Platform is implemented,  you instantly empower your guests to have a say in their environment and provide your staff the tools to easily handle incidents as they are happening.  This greatly increases the customer experience.  Real-time reporting allows you to mitigate incidents and your customer service realizes a decrease in unhappy customer calls.  Now that’s a bonus!

  • Color Coded Messages

    Visual representation of all messages by status so that nothing gets overlooked.

  • Conversation Thread

    2-way text conversations organized so you don’t miss a beat.

  • Response Templates

    1-click customizable response templates so staff can quickly request additional info when needed.

  • Event Day Alerts

    Send traffic, weather, parking or news alerts.

User Groups

Tired of playing phone tag? Suffer from communication burden? Now you can create unlimited user groups to text important alerts or messages to. Messages can be created and sent on the fly or scheduled in advance.   How’s that for efficiency!

Reporting Analytics 

You can’t manage what you don’t measure and you can’t control what you can’t measure.  Because our text communication software is so easy to use, your staff actually uses it. Now you can have valuable information that you can use.  Our one-click reports and comprehensive statistics give you all the data that you need to increase your operational efficiency.  It arms you with a complete historical database to protect against future liability as well – now that’s powerful!

“The system is currently being used during all GA Dome events. The benefits of the system include time management, instant communication and detailed information related to each event. My favorite feature is the text communications. This feature is awesome since it provides immediate interaction and eliminates the use of the land-line. The ISS 24/7 system is certainly an asset to our organization.”

Monica Franklin
Monica FranklinDome Control Coordinator, Georgia Dome

“The Cardinals currently use the ISS 24/7 system for both game day and daily operation. On game days, we utilize IMS, Request Tracker and the Texting systems to log, coordinate and execute incident response protocols across several departments. ISS 24/7 is the best way to centralize all of our event operations putting us in position to efficiently and effectively respond to the safety and guest service needs of our fans. I would absolutely recommend ISS 24/7 to any venue operator without hesitation.”

Stanley Ruchalski
Stanley RuchalskiStadium Operations Systems Coordinator, St. Louis Cardinals

“I have been using the Texting Communications system for many years, however ISS 24/7 recently attended our Stadium Operations meetings that we hosted in Phoenix. They showed me their latest innovation tools for the Incident Management System by use of their TrackPad. I was blown away by their design and ease of use of this technology. It was an easy decision for me to purchase this product to make our operation more efficient for our staff that will no doubt benefit our fans!”

Sean Maguire
Sean MaguireSenior Director, Arizona Diamondbacks