Incident Management Mobile App

    Close the Communication Gap

    Our mobile app revolutionizes communication and is the ultimate tool to report incidents and manage incidents.

    The ISS  24/7 mobile app can be used either on an iOS or an Android operating system.  Our app is icon based to insure that incidents can be reported in seconds directly to the Incident Management System. You also have the flexibility to choose to  use a WiFi connection or utilize an existing data network.

    Staff working in a noisy environment? Squawking over a walkie-talkie is not the way to share information.   Our android and iOS apps solve the communication barrier to getting incidents reported into your system.  Close your communication gaps today!

    • Operates via WiFi or Cellular Data

      No need for costly monthly subscriptions if using your existing WiFi network.

    • Direct 2Way Communication

      Arm your front-line staff with the easiest, most effective way to report incidents.

    • Multimedia

      Send photos or videos between communicators or dispatch queue.  Lost child? BOLO? Send out photo instantly to all communicators.

    • Administration Level App

      Allows supervisors to have dispatch queue on their communicator.

    • Real Time Updates

      As the incident progresses, communicators can update incident in real time.

    • Track and Direct Staff to Specific Areas

      Send out important alerts and notifications to one or all devices.

    • Easy

      Staff changes but training them on how to use a communicator is painless.